Enagic U.S.A.

  Product Application Process

Let's Get Your Machine Ordered

We are excited you have decided to purchase your own machine
and join a journey with us of true health and wellness.

Ordering in the United States is very easy!
You will have the option of ordering online OR by
Doing paperwork.  Pick your favorite way!

Who Is Your Sponsor?

Clarification:  Whoever introduced you to Kangen Water IS your sponsor.

 Regardless of how you order, please read this first...

NOTE:  If you are using a credit card to purchase, you might need to call your credit card company and let them know you are going to be making a larger purchase so they know it's not fraud.
If you are using a debit card, call your bank first and also let them know you are making a bigger purchase so they can lift any daily maximums they may have on your account. 

IF You Are Ordering Online

Who introduced you to Enagic (Kangen Water) and 
took the time to help you get your machine ordered?  

Ask that person for their Enagic website

Click on BUY and follow the prompts

IF You Are NOT Ordering Online...

Before We Begin You Will Need

The following information FROM YOUR SPONSOR:

  • Their Name
  • Their ID #
  • ​What rank they are in the company (if they don't know that is okay)

You will need the following of YOURS:

  • Which machine you are buying?
  • ​Which card will you use to pay?
  • ​Your Driver's License #
  • ​Your social security or tax ID number

Great! Now you are ready!


Each order needs:

  • Order Form & Distributor Application
  • Return policy (page 2)
  • W9 form (print ONLY page 1) 

Enagic Financing

For Enagic financing you will need the above order forms 
+ this financing form.  You can find their exact numbers of tax and down payments in your 
Enagic Web System TAX CALCULATOR tab.  Put in their shipping address and length of time they want for their payments and it will calculate this for you.  

You can leave the alternate payor side blank if no one else is paying with you.

Note:  If financing is used please send a copy of the buyer's
Driver's license and Social Security Card along with the forms.  
This is necessary ONLY FOR DISTRIBUTORS.
This will help remove any potential delays!  

Tax Calculator

If you need help finding out the exact tax,
look up the sales tax rate for the
city where the machine will be shipped to.
Then, use this ... 

NOTE:  I highly recommend the app called Adobe Scanner in the app store. Once downloaded, here's how to scan your document...

  • Inside the app click scan (camera)
  • ​Hold your phone still.  
  • ​Click "keep scanning" until all your documents have had pictures
  • Click save as PDF
  • Click SHARE
  • ​Choose SHARE A COPY
  • ​Find your email provider
  • ​Send your email

Where to e-mail your forms:


Subject:  Order from (name) and ID# 

Extra info...

If you need any other information, you can find the nearest center to where you live.
You will be given that location's correct information  
By clicking on this button...

Another Financing Option...

0% Interest Credit Card

If your buyer has a credit score of 650+, this is a great option. The application process is fast and has an instant decision. Here's how to apply:

1. Text card fix686 to 96932
2. Go to branchoffer.com/fix686

What's Next?

Once your order has been received it will get in line to be processed.  Once processed you will be sent an email for them to collect the actual payment.  They do not like to have your card information on the application so they will send you a separate email to collect payment.    

Contact Us:  jodi@loveyourwater2.com
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